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Written by Jorge Oliveira / 12.07.2007

you like to watch…


Não se trata (aparentemente) de uma Janela Indiscreta mas é um projecto interessante. Da nossa janela podemos ver o decorrer de outras vidas, noutros prédios, quando as pessoas que neles vivem se julgam longe de olhares indiscretos.

See what people do when they think no one is Watching

is the tagline that they have used to describe the experience that starts in the streets of New York City, behind the countless windows that we pass everyday. It comes together in a silent film that will be projected on the side of a building, and extends to the HBO channel, HBO on Demand, and online at HBOVoyeur.com. There are also “artifacts” of the characters everywhere, pieces of story which have been sprinkled around the web and in the real world to heighten the experience for those who like to get involved. However it is experienced in whichever medium, the point of the HBO Voyeur Project is to get the viewer to confront the uncomfortable question: “Do You Like To Watch?”

Curiosa é a interligação entre as várias personagens e as várias histórias, muitas vezes quase sem darmos conta. A descobrir…


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