Future of the Internet and the IAM Barcelona 2018

future of the internet

Future of the Internet

Every day we discuss the future, the future of the internet is just one of the strands. But at the beginning of IAM 18, it became clear that there is no future. There are a multitude of possible futures and they all intersect and become dependent. And that we should always consider them as plural, to be inclusive.

Do not ask for the future, let’s ask about the futures!

The future of the internet is inextricably linked with the future of society and humanity. Let’s once and for all put aside the separation between digital and real. Both are real, both exist, both are part of the same identity, both are part of the same world.

And if they do not think so, why was everything panicking with the misuse of our data by strangers? Even with data we were not even aware of that existed? But they exist and are part of us, so they are important

It was also clear that the Internet should be seen as a basic right and that digital literacy is as important as traditional education.

We know how to read, we know how to write, we know how to do accounts … do we know “internet”? Not everyone. But it is time to know, so that we can disagree and seriously debate the future of the Internet and consequently our future as a society.

We look around and realize that the worst dystopias serve as a road map for a new social construction.

I confess my fascination for dystopias, but only as an artistic expression: films, books, music, … In building a futurist society we have to remember other values and other approaches, more consistent with a sustainable, inclusive and diverse future.

We can start with small things. Change expressions, decolonize our minds, open up to new paradigms …

Internet of Beings, Shared Reality, Collaborative learning, Human Experience … the Plurality is here!


We are responsible

Taking all this, and being active agents in the “digital”, we can only assume our responsibility in the construction of a future that being technological does not have the errors of the dystopias, being digital is inclusive, being personal can be private and at the same time community , be global but also local, be new but inter-generational, be useful in context but without compromising our individuality.

There is no future, there are many, and as Yoda’s friend “always in motion the future” said, and from today it is part of our daily work to create and develop projects that are consistent with the vision of these futures.

p.s – if you want to talk a little more about this and other epiphanies that I feel are jumping in the eyes of many, just say hello.

p. 2 – if you go through Twitter look for hashtag  #iamw18 and follow the links.

p.s 3 – p. 3 – for all this and a few more things, I have discovered and signed the Copenhagen Letter, and I challenge you to do the same.

p. 4 – shall we meet next year? No fears, we are all family! 😉

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