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Written by Joana Rita Sousa / 03.02.2019

Contexto, rebrand e outras coisas mais

Senhoras e senhores, eis o “dono disto tudo”: Contexto

But if you believe there shouldn’t be litter everywhere, then you are morally compelled not to drop any litter yourself, ever. It can’t be one rule for you and one rule for everyone else. That is Kant’s categorical imperative. So Morgenbesser’s reply “Who do you think you are, Kant?” was a response to the cop’s “If I let you do it, I’d have to let everyone do it.” He was asking whether the cop thought he was enforcing Kant’s categorical imperative. But the street, outside a subway stop, is not the best place for an esoteric philosophical discussion with a member of the NYPD.


Rebrand: chaves para o sucesso

Not every problem can be resolved with a rebrand, nor should a company rebrand “just because.” The decision to overhaul your company’s logo, typography, imagery, voice, and advertising and marketing approach is a big one that should be thoroughly vetted.

Neste artigo assinado por Matt McCue podemos ler alguns conselhos úteis para quem prepara um momento de rebrand.


Ser ou não ser uma boa pessoa

What if your attachment to being a “good” person is holding you back from actually becoming a better person? In this accessible talk, social psychologist Dolly Chugh explains the puzzling psychology of ethical behavior — like why it’s hard to spot your biases and acknowledge mistakes — and shows how the path to becoming better starts with owning your mistakes. “In every other part of our lives, we give ourselves room to grow — except in this one, where it matters most,” Chugh says.


Uma coisa de cada vez: yes, we can?

A nossa vida é uma correria: daqui para ali, dali para aqui. Vemos televisão e, ao mesmo tempo, consultamos as redes sociais. Cozinhamos enquanto vemos aquela série na Netflix. No trabalho, gerimos solicitações via e-mail, slack, messenger e whatsapp. Colocámos o multitasking num pedestal e fazer uma coisa, de cada vez, afigura-se-nos difícil:

I listened to lots of podcasts until recently and I was constantly trying to keep up with the latest episodes. I found many of the podcasts shared similar messages and only one of them was life-changing in my eyes (The Tim Ferriss Podcast).

Now that I only listen to one podcast I can finally enjoy it, quit rushing and even playback episodes I’ve listened to already. Seeing the podcast screen with only one show on there is so refreshing!

Look at your life and you’ll see similar patterns.