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Meia dúzia de links – ou nem isso. Estamos numa onda minimalista: optamos por “falar menos vezes” para dar prioridade ao conteúdo que consideramos de qualidade.

Dieta e higiene, tecnológica e digital


Eager for clicks and views, tech platforms are always looking for new ways to use basic human instincts like shame, laziness and fear to their advantage. Digital junk foods, from social networking apps to video streaming platforms, promise users short-term highs but leave depressive existential lulls in their wake.


The solution is fun and simple: find a smart person and have them watch you use the computer for an hour. She’ll share ten shortcuts and principles that will amaze you.


Criatividade, multitasking e a ilusão de que somos racionais


Menos é mais 1


Haverá uma idade limite para “isto” de ser criativo? E uma idade em que a criatividade se encontra ao rubro? Bom, diz que “estudos comprovam”:

Those who are rarely described by peers as “creative,” though, might find their potential by their 50s, when they would have been more experienced with the knowledge to explore beyond their domains, and, in today’s terms, “go crazy” with it.


O multitasking é um encanto ou um engano?

While the manager took extra pains to clean up his mistakes and remind me that I matter as his customer, the situation highlights a chronic problem that plagues managers, salespeople, support reps, and business leaders every day. Our work asks us to track multiple things at once and switch contexts frequently. Multitasking seems like a core competency for almost any job, yet humans aren’t designed for it.


Os factos mudam a nossa forma de ver o mundo? Parece que não. Isto de ser racional é apenas um mito urbano?

Even after the evidence “for their beliefs has been totally refuted, people fail to make appropriate revisions in those beliefs,” the researchers noted. In this case, the failure was “particularly impressive,” since two data points would never have been enough information to generalize from.


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