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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 30.04.2017

Why Brands Should Learn to Tell Better Stories

What is Brand Storytelling?

Brand storytelling is one of the most effective methods to connect with your audience. It involves various stories that are important to an organization and has helped it to grow. It is what helps a brand to build an emotional connect with a customer or a prospect.

According to leading marketing experts, brand storytelling includes:

  • How the brand came into existence and the problem it aims to solve
  • The key moments of success and struggle in the brand’s journey
  • Giving the audience an inside look at the brand and its work ethics
  • An understanding of why your product is a must-have for a user

A lot of marketing experts believe mastering the art of storytelling enables your brand to become a crucial part of your user’s daily life or business.

The user can relate with your successes and struggles. And, as emotional quotient is becoming a major chunk of decision making, brand storytelling is slowly becoming an important aspect of your brand propagation as well.

Now, the key question is, how does one build their own brand stories? What are the things brands can implement in their business models to build stories that leave lasting impressions on the minds of their audiences?

Remember such a story takes time to be built. It’s not something you can achieve in a few months. Many brands take two to three years before they can stitch a coherent story together.

In part two of this mini-series, we’ll discuss how the omnichannel approach helps enhance user engagement — and how mastering it sets the stage for killer customer experiences.



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