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Shared by Jorge Oliveira / 30.11.2016

I can’t just stand by and watch Mark Zuckerberg destroy the internet.

“With great power comes great responsibility” — Uncle Ben

Mark Zuckerberg — Facebook’s CEO — is probably the most powerful person alive today. He may even be the most powerful person ever.
Traditionally, the president of the United States has been considered the most powerful person on Earth.


But President Obama is beholden to systems that keep his power in check: congress and the supreme court, term limits (he will be forced to retire in January), and the will of the American electorate.
Mark Zuckerberg has none of these limitations. His power flows from Facebook, the seventh largest corporation on the planet by market capitalization, of which he owns 18% of the stock and controls 60% of the voting rights.

A ler no Medium medium.freecodecamp.com/mark-zuckerberg-is-the-most-powerful-person-on-earth-but-is-he-responsible-5fbcaeb29ee1?source=ifttt————–2

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