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Shared by Gonçalo Gonçalves / 01.03.2017

Millennial Research is Destroying Brands

In the place of meaningful insights, businesses are developing marketing strategies based on broad and largely unsophisticated millennial ‘trends’ while ignoring their own respective essences

“Millennial research is telling brands the things we’ve all heard a million times over. Millennials are independent and individualistic thinkers, tech savvy, entitled, experience-driven, are an empowered generation, socially attuned to the world around them, increasingly global, and of course we all love selfies. Companies who then try to attract the general mass market are developing brand strategies that talk to this mannequin who, in theory represents 81.1 million people in the United States alone, but in reality represents no one. There is of course an argument for stereotyping: to blanket the response in order to engage the largest possible segment. However, the dilution has gone so far that brands are no longer making sense. Many brands are ‘millenniwashing’ themselves so much they lose their points of difference and in turn, their value.”

Artigo completo: www.advertisingweek.com/360/article/-millennial-research-is-destroying-brands