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Shared by Jorge Oliveira / 08.12.2016


During the past thirty years, globalisation has been a strong and steady megatrend.
(…) In fact, globalisation is taken for granted, almost seen as a fact of life. But continued globalisation is not the only possible future scenario.
A number of forces are pushing the world towards increased nationalism, protectionism and isolationism.
And one of the key aspects of globalisation (…) could even cease to exist in less than fifteen years due to technological developments.

Globalisation at a crossroads

There are, and have been, many benefits from globalisation, (…) The criticism is coming from both the political left and the right, (…). And many politicians have changed their perception, from seeing globalisation as a powerful and uncontrollable force, to believing and convincing their voters that globalisation can be stopped or even reversed.

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