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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 14.05.2017

5 Reasons Why Philosophy Majors Make the Best Entrepreneurs

“An MBA isn’t the key to being successful in business, and it only teaches you some of what you need to know to make it as an entrepreneur.

While you’ll learn about incorporating, revenue, hiring and more, founders are realizing that emotional intelligence and soft skills are what often get their businesses running like well-oiled machines.

CEOs are even turning to surprising methods—like equine therapy—to learn what their business classes didn’t offer.

For this reason, there’s something to the idea that a line of study in a realm completely opposite of business can set you up to be a great entrepreneur.

Rather than being taught how to run a business, spending your years of education learning to think in a way that will help you start, grow and lead a business offers something that’s often overlooked.

Nick Miller, of the restaurant software company Gather, is a co-founder and CEO who attributes his success to his education in philosophy.

And he’s in good company—numerous accomplished entrepreneurs like Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel credit their philosophy backgrounds for their success.

We talked to Miller about why he says philosophy majors make great entrepreneurs.”


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