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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 18.05.2017

How Does the Brain-Body Connection Affect Creativity?

As movement is a natural mood enhancer, a link between positive mood and divergent thinking may play a role in these scores.

The authors note that negative moods have also been shown to increase creativity as well, so it appears that any movement away from an emotional baseline is useful for creative thinking. 

The exact causes as to why walking inspire creativity are still unknown, though this study puts forward a number of potential reasons. Most important, the authors conclude, is that we move.

Data might be mixed but anecdotes and test scores are not. 

In her book, Wanderlust: A History of Walking, Rebecca Solnit believes modern walking culture was initiated as a response to the repetitive mechanisms demanded of our bodies during the Industrial Revolution.

There’s a huge creative difference between building a car and repeatedly constructing one cog in the assembly line of cars.

Walking today might be a continued form of resistance to “the postindustrial, postmodern loss of space, time, and embodiment.” 

Which is a self-fulfilling prophecy in an age of screens demanding constant attention.

Does walking while staring at your palm affect creativity? Perhaps the Stanford team can tackle this question next.

Until then, put down the device and hit the ground, even if for a block. Your brain will thank you for it.”

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