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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 08.07.2017

How Brand Empathy will Resolve the Anti-Climax of Digital Experience

Why is this relevant now? Because, according to the findings from IBM’s recent “The Experience Revolution” report, history is repeating itself.

The report concludes that 70% of customers are disappointed with “the experience revolution” despite the best efforts of brands and the tech industry to enhance the customer experience.

One look at the report shows you that the source of this disappointment is a massive disconnect between what industry thinks we want and what we actually want.

A key take out of the report is that if brands want to nail customer experience, they need to understand how experiences make people feel. And then need to practice true empathy towards their customers.

At its heart, empathy is about taking on a different perspective to your own by understanding the emotional driver behind a customer’s actions, no matter how uncomfortable that can be.


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