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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 26.12.2017

cabaz da semana (II)

aqui ficam os artigos que favoritei ou “salvei” na passada semana.

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“Ter esperança implica acreditar em algo que não podemos provar nem testar. Implica um salto de fé, implica simplesmente acreditar sem ter demonstrações que ajudem nessa crença. Seria bom poder injectar alguma dose de racionalismo nessa interacção que fazemos com a ideia de algo transcendente. Nesse sentido a minha proposta é a de que não se abdique da racionalidade, antes pelo contrário, que use mais racionalidade e se faça mais reflexão.”



2017 e as palavras / expressões mais pesquisadas via google 




“Western philosophy has its origins in conversation, in face-to-face discussions about reality, our place in the cosmos, and how we should live. It began with a sense of mystery, wonder, and confusion, and the powerful desire to get beyond mere appearances to find truth or, if not that, at least some kind of wisdom or balance.”




“A recent report shows that 40% of businesses plan to use social media in the coming year. Of the 60% of businesses who don’t plan on using social media, 41% are doing so because they don’t see the value to their business.

Effective measurement is all about you understanding what constitutes ‘value’ for your business

For me, this report highlights a huge gap in understanding. The social web has value for between 80-90% of businesses. The problem is that only 40% see that value.

In a large percentage of the cases I come across, this gap is caused by companies failing to define ‘value’, and how to achieve it using social channels. Mostly, those companies who see limited results do so because of a lack of social media infrastructure.”



“There’s plenty of ‘turbulence’ in the world of digital marketing and advertising today, with many of the world’s biggest advertising spenders actively questioning the effectiveness and value of their current digital activities.

Many of the concerns that these companies have raised relate to issues like ad fraud, viewability, and inappropriate ad placements.”







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