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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 08.01.2018

cabaz da semana (IV)

mais uma voltinha, mais uma viagem. estamos na segunda semana do ano e começamos, finalmente, a levantar vôo. vamos continuar a escrever 2017 em vez de 2018 durante uns tempos valentes. até lá, ficam algumas sugestões de leitura para dar início à vossa semana: desde uma lição de “como lidar com trolls”, a regra da simplicidade, o monotasking e a investigação de marketing.



Sarah Silverman may be known for her biting comedy, but her recent exchange with a Twitter troll is being held up as a model of compassion. A few days ago, Silverman sent out a tweet, and a total stranger replied cruelly with nothing but the “c” word. But instead of lashing back or blocking the user, Silverman opted for a compassionate response. “I believe in you. I read ur timeline & I see what ur doing & your rage is thinly veiled pain,” she tweeted back. “But u know that. I know this feeling. Ps My back F–king sux too,” she added, referring to the back troubles the user mentioned in his Twitter feed. “see what happens when u choose love. I see it in you.”



Sometimes, the best way to stand out is to keep things simple—and unexpected.
While many graphic designers try to grab the attention of potential clients and employers with flashy portfolios that have the wow factor, media design student Robert Gray has gone the other way. His graphic design portfolio is very minimalist, and uses only one color—coral—as an accent.



People don’t just cook anymore — they’re cooking, texting, talking on the phone, watching YouTube and uploading photos of the awesome meal they just made. Designer Paolo Cardini questions the efficiency of our multitasking world and makes the case for — gasp — “monotasking.”



Research is not a new phenomenon in government. When you start a new project it is very possible that there is a wheelbarrow-full of previous, relevant research for you to review. Most policy, for example, is evidence based. Similarly when it comes to service delivery, there is often no shortage of research – often in the form of market research.

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