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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 28.01.2018

cabaz da semana (vi)

mais uma semana, mais um cabaz recheado de novidades. nas últimas semanas tenho estado atenta a relatórios de 2017, bem como perspectivas e tendências para 2018. a realidade de todos os dias tem sido alvo das minhas leituras – umas mais profundas do que outras, confesso.

aqui ficam alguns artigos cuja leitura recomendo: dos robots que nos podem matar aos restaurantes #1 no tripadvisor e que não existem.



Killer robots are already among us. Not weaponized drones, but industrial robots working alongside humans in factories that can cause significant injuries and occasionally deaths if an accident occurs. In 2015, an employee at a Volkswagen factory in Germany was killed when a robot picked up and crushed him.



You know the best choice right now would be to ignore that message because it’s too late, because it’s not the way you agreed to communicate and because you have other, better things to do. But you still read it. And now, you have to answer it, because you think it would be rude to simply ignore it.

Been there? No worries, there are a few steps you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Almost everyone trying to start a consultancy business has been through something similar, you are not the only one and you definitely won’t be the last one.



Reading speed is obviously going to depend on factors such as readers’ skills and goals and whether they are reading Richard Feynman’s lectures on physics or TMZ.com. But let’s just do some cold, hard calculations based on facts about the properties of eyes and texts.



It was a unique restaurant in London and certainly the hardest to get into. And it beat out thousands of upscale restaurants in the city to earn the top ranking on the popular review site TripAdvisor for a time, drawing a flood of interest.

There was just one small problem: It didn’t exist.