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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 10.07.2017

Clever Content Marketing

Encourage user-generated content

When you consider your interactions with customers, don’t just think of the outbound content pipeline as a one-way street – from you to them. Just as you shouldn’t think of content marketing strategies as narrow and static, neither should you assume that potential customers have nothing to share with but their money.

Social media platforms provide a great opportunity to solicit and curate content from people who access your digital assets and interact with your products. Use hashtags, contests or other forms of invitation to bring in user-generated content which can then be re-purposed for further marketing outreach. User-generated content is also a highly efficient marketing tactic because, like content curation, it can remove some of your marketing resources – while simultaneously building or strengthening audience relationships.

Another plus is that users who feel valued and acknowledged by the brands they interact with are more likely to develop loyalty, and can even become brand advocates. This creates a high-value customer — particularly when you consider that today’s consumer is more likely to be swayed by the word-of-mouth opinion of a close friend or micro-influencer – than by traditional marketing tactics.


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