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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 13.10.2017

Data can make a brand more human.

But how do the best brands, startups, firms create the right experiences? It starts from the top down. As a CEO, or the creator of a startup, or the owner of a small business it starts with you.

“Organizationally there has to be advocacy at the executive level to ensure all experiences point back to the customer. The ability to innovate, the ability to create a process for customers’ experiences–you have to lay that foundation,” said Nick Gloe, practice area director, digital experience management, Slalom

You may or may not know the name Blake MyCoskie (CEO of Toms Shoes) but you know his brand, you know what it stands for and you know the experience it creates. Leaders don’t have to be famous, they just have to create a culture, an experience and let others embrace that and make it their own.

“An experience brand understands the needs of its customers and aligns its priorities to fulfilling those needs,” said Ross Monaghan, Perficient Digital.

We have shifted, thankfully, to brands recognizing that consumers aren’t just numbers on a balance sheet or the difference between a good or bad Q3. It’s a relationship. And in any good relationship you have to put the needs of someone else before yours.


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