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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 11.08.2017

How The Dumpling Democratized Emoji

“I’m a designer,” she remembers thinking to herself. “I can do this.”

Lu quickly cranked out an emoji-style image of a dumpling–an anthropomorphic one, with blinking hearts for eyes, rosy cheeks, and a broad smile. She messaged it to Lee–a writer, producer, entrepreneur, and former New York Times journalist–who, Lu says, was instantly smitten and asked, “Did you make this? Can I tweet about it? We should do something with it. We should let other people use it, too.”

That impulsive reaction turned into a unlikely goal: to make a dumpling emoji available to everybody. It was an ambitious undertaking given that all Lu and Lee knew about emoji , at first, was that they were there. “‘Where do emoji come from?’” Lee recalls asking herself. “I had no idea.”


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