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Shared by Sandra Estevam / 11.12.2016

Effective Writing For Your UI: Things to Avoid

Clear, accurate, and concise text makes interfaces more usable and builds trust.

Below is a list of 16 things you should avoid in your writing:

1. Jargon Words and Specific Terms
2. Long Content Sections With a Lot of Details
3. Using the Future Tense to Describe the Action
4. Mixing “Me”/”My” With “You”/”Your”
5. Using Words For Numbers
6. Pronouncing “We”
7. Capitalizing All Letters
8. Absolutes and Over-promising
9. Exclamation Points
10. Gender Ambiguity
11. Common Introductory Phrases
12. “Are You Sure”
13. Culturally Specific Idioms
14. “OK” Button in Dialogs
15. Vague Error Messages
16. Blaming User

Se quer saber mais sobre algum destes temas, recomendo Effective Writing For Your UI: Things to Avoid on Medium.

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