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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 13.07.2017

Why Execution is the Hardest Part of Content Strategy, and How to Fix It

Do artistic directors who plan and schedule a theatrical season of shows usually play the leading roles in those shows?

No. Because planning and executing are two different skills.

They use different muscles. And while it’s entirely possible that the city planner and artistic director are capable of drilling and acting, it’s not really the smartest or most efficient use of their time to toggle between such wildly disparate tasks.

This is why I’m always slightly amused by these job postings that are essentially seeking a city planner with mad hydraulic power pack skills.

Planning and running a robust content strategy is one thing. Creating the most artful, skilled, and compelling content (whether written, filmed, photographed, or displayed by aerial banner) is another.


Mo Perry :: The Writing Cooperative

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