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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 08.06.2017

Why Future Business Leaders Need Philosophy

Sou suspeita: estudei filosofia e trabalho nesta área, levando a filosofia às crianças e aos jovens.

Fiz uma tese em que partilhei como seria a gestão dos recursos humanos, se a filosofia aplicada fosse integrada no dia-a-dia das empresas.

É óbvio que só podia partilhar ESTE ARTIGO convosco. Aqui fica um excerto:


“The rising demand for both creative and concrete problem-solving as well as abstract and strategic thinking indicates the necessity to broaden the reflectivity-horizon of the narrow business perspective that future business leaders will determine their decisions within.

Business tends to seek one rationalised conclusion at the expense of others.

This closes opportunities, rather than opens them.

Philosophy, on the other hand, can through critical reasoning continually question and rethink the assumed certainties and its basic premises.

In this sense, business and philosophy might seem poles apart at first glance and their interdisciplinary potential has for long been largely unrecognized on traditional business schools, but this is about to change.”



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