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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 07.08.2017

Millennials v baby boomers? We all have more in common than we realise

Why are millennials held to have been invented in 1980 and abruptly discontinued in 1995? Who makes these rules anyway?


Time wasted arguing over which generation is definitively the worst that ever lived could be more usefully spent asking why we swallow divisive age-related myths so easily, and whose interests exactly are served by something that risks obscuring shared mutual interest. A breed of identity politics that relies on creating tribes and pitting them against one another, perhaps? Or just a marketing industry reliant on convincing retailers and employers that they alone can divine what these exotic creatures want, plus a media hungry for talking points?

Call me a snowflake, but the world hardly seems short of self-defeating conflicts and high-handed generalisations. Beware those who would turn age into another of them.


Gaby Hinsliff :: The Guardian 

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