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Recommended: Our Tech Predictions for 2017

Every December, we take a look back at big ideas from the past twelve months that promise to gain momentum in the new year. (…) More importantly, we have a community of forward-thinking backers who help creators figure out which versions of the future to pursue. Here are some of the emerging trends we expect to see more of in 2017.

Next-level listening

With the headphone jack inching closer to the endangered-features list this year thanks to Apple, a number of projects have made a compelling case for pushing beyond the limits of traditional stereo sound.
We’re excited to see more creative takes on listening devices, especially as audio-based user interfaces and voice control become increasingly common product features.

Everyday artificial intelligence

Whether chatting with a device as if it’s a virtual assistant strikes you as a sci-fi dream come true or a dystopian nightmare, we’re going to see an increasing number of products that use voice-controlled artificial intelligence interfaces to fit into users’ lives more seamlessly.

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