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Written by Jorge Oliveira / 21.11.2016

Study Shows Branded Social Media Videos Influence Consumer Opinion and Behavior

From Brand Awareness to Buying Decisions, Videos on Social Media Have Positive Effects.

The expression “A picture is worth a thousand words” has origins that are over a hundred years old, but the idea remains true even today. It’s often much easier for people to believe and understand things they’ve seen, than it is for things they’ve only read about. This is even more true in the digital age, where the credibility of any piece of information is suspect.

While the maxim about the value of pictures was inspired by the early days of photojournalism, it applies equally to online marketing. Ads for products with images have higher click through rates than ads without imagery. A recent study from BrightCove suggests that social media marketers need to update the saying, since videos are performing better and better on social media, and play a large role in what consumers do.

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