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Written by Sandra Estevam / 29.11.2016

Thoughts on the UX of Bots

Many of you probably know that I have my own bot — but one of the more useful features of my bots is its ability to field private messages on my behalf. These messages get sent to me via Messenger, and I respond from within that context. Unlike email which I can and tend to put off indefinitely (sorry!), messages that I receive via MessinaBot stack up quickly, and therefore need to be addressed serially, as they’re received. This forces me to respond in a relatively timely and brief fashion.


What is, in your opinion, the greatest benefit for the user when it comes to using bots in CUIs?

There are several ways to address this question, because it’s misleading to suggest that there is a single “greatest benefit” for bots in conversational interfaces — it really depends on user context and goals, among other things.


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