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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 19.05.2017


“We all know what it’s like to feel we’re being watched. Teenagers are particularly familiar with the discomfiting sense that everyone around them is scrutinizing their risky new haircuts, cool new shoes, or grease-stained T-shirts. Bad news, youth of the world: According to a recent series of studies, we’re being watched even more than we think.

Researchers from Yale University surveyed students exiting a dining hall. Respondents reliably felt that they’d observed their fellow diners (strangers and friends alike) more than their fellow diners had observed them. Of course, it’s a mathematical impossibility that every student was more socially observant than average.

But that’s how most of them felt. Students in another dining-room survey were more likely to interpret instances of eye contact as moments when they’d been caught looking—not when they’d caught someone else doing the same. And, in a related study, students fell wildly short in estimating how much another student had observed about them in a waiting-room interaction.”


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