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Shared by Joana Rita Sousa / 02.10.2017

Why Marketers Must Unify Context, Contact and Content to Survive on the Customer Journey


It’s unlikely you’re going to tell a good story if you don’t know how or why you ended up telling it, what it’s really about or who is in the audience.


This kind of people-centric brand-building and selling isn’t a futuristic fancy; it is entirely feasible today. Yet few marketers seem to be truly marrying context, content and contact. The same people used to think about all three of these things when I arrived on these shores (in 1996), because most brands did most of their business with a ‘full-service’ agency. That changed with the unbundling of media agencies, which are generally the owners of contact plans today, and later was compounded as some marketers also chose to park content with a different agency or media company.


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